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How this started

KeepUsSafe team member Hugh Gallivan grew frustrated in his role at Mid-America Sand & Gravel managing MSHA record keeping. A chance meeting with former team member Charles Linville, founder of Ploughman Analytics and former data scientist at the University of Illinois, led to the development of the KeepUsSafe app to remove that frustration and elevate workplace safety.

How we elevate workplace safety

Eliminate the clipboards and say goodbye to your paperwork jungle

Automatically store your data and reports in the Microsoft Cloud, eliminating the need to buy, build or maintain your own IT infrastructure

Complete and view MSHA reports from any smartphone or internet connected device

Share reports with MSHA inspectors from any smartphone or internet connected device

Receive notification as soon as examinations are logged


Track in real-time the hazards and trends identified during your exams

Automate your process to track individual hazards that still need to be remedied
Enhance your team’s understanding of the safety risks you are managing

More easily engage your entire team to do a better job of keeping everyone safe

Real-time tracking

Track in real-time the hazards and trends identified during your workplace examinations. Make sure your exams are performed when they should be.

We believe the KeepUsSafe app can help keep your team safe

Constantly referring to spreadsheets, handwritten reports, and post-it notes becomes unmanageable. In a fast-moving mining operation, you need an efficient, trustworthy system for managing MSHA reports, and you need real-time access to your safety data. We created the KeepUsSafe app to meet these needs within our own operation, freeing us from the paperwork jungle and giving us more time to focus on keeping everyone safe. The KeepUsSafe sales team is ready to help you learn more about how our app can help keep you safe.

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