Elevate Your
Workplace Safety

In the mining industry, “up time” is important. So is worker safety. KeepUsSafe helps with both of these. Our paperless approach to meeting MSHA reporting requirements not only tames the paperwork tiger, it helps you improve up time and worker safety through the power of your own data.


Easily perform workplace and equipment exams using the KeepUsSafe app on your mobile phone. Workers are notified of exam results via text message and email as soon as the exam is logged.


Unresolved Hazards

With a single view, you can see all unresolved hazards. They also automatically propagate through into the next exam, keeping the problems top of mind until they are fixed.

Data Visualization

With graphs and charts based on your data, you can spot workplace safety trends and focus effort where it’s needed most.

Streamline your Safety Paperwork

Because the KeepUsSafe app stores your data in the cloud, you can immediately retrieve past exams wherever you are. Results can easily be downloaded for printing or emailing.

Harness the Power of Your Data

By using the KeepUsSafe app, your hazards are categorized and your safety data become digitized. This combination enables analytics and visualizations to enhance workplace safety.

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